This morning the full committee unanimously “marked” the bill up to the floor of the Senate.

When the committee last met some of the committee could not accept the bill presented at that time. There has been a concerted effort between our supporting Senators and NPS to come up with a bill that would satisfy all parties.

I am trying to get a copy of the bill to post but have not succeeded to do so at this time.

I have been a member of OBPA since its inception in the mid 1970’s and in the last 15 years plus this is the most positive news that I have heard. I do not know what considerations we have been given but after being placed on the interim plan, having the consent decree shoved down our throats, to having NPS listen to nothing the access minded faction suggestions to give us the worst access we have ever had. I look forward to any improvements we can get.

As soon as I get a copy of the bill I will post it and remove this post.

Frank Folb

OBPA Response Team